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Shirts Fabric Material Is Good Or Bad

Shirts Fabric Material is good or bad

Material shirt to cotton clothing for the excellent The thickness of the cotton thread used and the different weaving, made of shirt clothing is different, tactile and visual are also different. Shirt clothing is generally divided into young cloth, Oxford cloth, plain cloth and fine cloth, fabric material directly determine the quality of the shirt.

  Oxford cloth: button collar shirt commonly used clothing, plain weave, thick lines, the color white, blue, pink, yellow, green, gray, mostly light. Soft, breathable, durable, well received by young people.

  Plain cloth: with cotton and bleached cotton woven into the shirt cloth, color and more white and red, white and blue, white and black and so on. Can be used as a sports shirt, but also suitable for dress shirt.

  Fine cloth: the most common shirt clothing, usually white, the more cotton used, the more soft feel, high-grade fine woven cloth almost silk feeling, the shirt used for dress and other occasions.

  The number of yarns: the higher the yarn count, the more dense the weave, the less likely to deform or shrink. The number of common shirt branches not more than 80, but the high-end shirts will reach more than 120, the flagship products will even reach 160.

  Dye: high-quality shirt is not woven after the whole piece of dyeing, but in the line when the line has been good. The only way to ensure that long-term wear does not fade.

  Environmental protection: non-ironing shirt is easy to formaldehyde exceeded, great harm to the human body, so the purchase must pay attention to whether the adoption of environmental quality certification.

  Blended fabric: This fabric is cotton and chemical fiber in accordance with a certain proportion of mixed textile made. This fabric not only absorb the advantages of cotton and chemical fiber, not easy to deformation, not easy to wrinkle, easy to dye or discoloration. But its texture is hard, wearing cotton as comfortable. According to the proportion of cotton and different, the characteristics of pure cotton or pure polyester offset. Blended fabrics are widely used in middle and low shirt products, some blended with some functionality, such as relatively high elasticity, also used in specialized use of the higher level shirt.

  100% cotton fabric: cotton fabric shirt wearing comfortable, soft, sweat. But its shortcomings are extremely easy to wrinkle, easy to deform, easy to dye or discoloration. A high quality shirt should be at least cotton.